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Why Choosing a reputable body shop is a serious decision

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We understand that paying for a deductible or even sometimes having to pay for all of the damages to your vehicle is typically not planned or something most people budget for. But accidents do happen and cars need repaired. Whether your damages will be paid through insurance or not, thoroughly searching for a shop to take your vehicle to is extremely important. And the biggest reason to consider where you go is SAFETY.

Let’s talk about safety!

There are consistently new repair requirements and procedures and adhering to them is extremely important, including diagnostics scanning which looks for errors in your car’s computer systems. You want qualified, experienced technicians working on your car who are more interested in your safety rather than saving money by cutting corners. Structural damage improperly repaired or replaced on a vehicle can be a life-threatening danger if placed back on the road. You want your auto body repair shop to demand that correct repairs be done or refuse the job altogether.

It’s YOUR Choice!

Did you know that Iowa law states that no insurance company is allowed to tell you where to take your vehicle? They may highly suggest that you use their “preferred” or “direct repair” shops, which actually have nothing to do with the quality of work or warranties offered. These are shops that have agreed to contractual work in order to gather business from certain insurance companies. Instead, look for a shop that works with all insurance companies and has the same or better warranties as these “preferred” shops have. Know your rights and tell the insurance company where you want to take your car and they have to accept that.

How do you know if a shop is going to do the best job possible?

Social media is a good tool to use when looking for an auto body repair shop. Do they have excellent Google and Facebook ratings? Read customer reviews to see if people are satisfied with the work performed. Look at the company’s website for their services and warranties. Ask how long they have been in business to help determine your decision.

Everyone deserves to drive or ride in a safely repaired vehicle; one that will perform properly in the event of a subsequent collision. But don’t leave safety to chance - do your homework and choose wisely.

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