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* Do not hand wax your vehicle for 6 months

* Use only car wash soaps to clean your new paint finish

* Do not apply magnetic signs, protective bras, decals or stickers to the new paint finish for 3 months

* Only hand wash or use a touch less machine wash for the first 60 days


Wash or rinse off dirt of any kind as soon as possible.

Rinse before you wash to remove any surface grit; then use a mild car soap and clean sponges.

Wash and rinse one section at a time so you don't have water drying on the body. Don't scrub. Use long, light strokes that run along the length of your car. Scratches created by circular wiping may leave marks that are more noticeable than straight ones. Rinse your sponge before dipping it back into the bucket to prevent grit from being reapplied to the car.

Dry by blotting with a chamois rather than wiping. Driving and drying is not a good idea because the water doesn't dry as quickly as new dirt gets on the wet car.


If you use an automated car wash, choose a no-touch car wash that only sprays water and soap.


Wax not only deepens the beauty of good paint, but also protects the finish from UV radiation and other harmful substances. 

Carnauba wax, while expensive, is the best option. Nothing brings out paint's richness better, and it's easy to use. Just wipe it on and immediately wipe it off.

Look for a wax that has at least 20 percent carnauba in the can, preferably without any petroleum products mixed in. You'll get better results with natural oils. Polymer-based waxes offer an acceptable alternative in terms of protection.

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