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Helpful Car Hacks for your Road Trip

Road trips are great because you get to spend time with your closest friends or family. Of course, it’s important that you bring along the right supplies and the right entertainment to help make the endless hours fly by.

· Don't pack too much - Roll your clothes or use packing cubes to save precious car space for passengers instead of suitcases.

· Be smart - check your emergency roadside kit and get your car tuned up. Being prepared ahead of time usually pays off in the long run.

· Smile! – Keep a lookout for large landmarks along your route that you can pull over and pose with. They are a great excuse to stretch your legs and take photos to remember your adventures.

· Don’t get locked out – Word to the wise: bring along your spare key. You might never need it, but if you find yourself standing outside your locked car, you'll appreciate having the spare (just don't keep it in the car).

· Games are a great way to pass the time – Is it really a road trip without games? Search the internet for some free options or purchase a few ahead of time.

· Keep your vehicle clean – Bring cleaning wipes and dryer sheets with you to keep your car clean and smelling fresh. Pack several trash bags for garbage and dump them every time you stop for a break.

· Cut the cord – See who can leave their cell phones off the longest. Make the loser the appointed gas pumper for the rest of the trip.

· Or use a multi-charger – If disconnecting from the mobile universe gives you anxiety, bring a multi-charger so everyone has the same battery time.

· Make breaks fun – Pack a baseball, football, frisbee or soccer ball to toss around at road stops.

· Go local! – The best part of taking a road trip is experiencing the local culture. Whenever you pass through a town, stop in one interesting store or restaurant. Look up reviews to help you decide where to go.

· Mix up the tunes – Podcasts, audio books, movie soundtracks or local radio stations can shake up the mundane. Or put together a special playlist for your favorite sing-a-longs!

· Save some fuel – Slow down, don’t bring excess luggage, keep your tires filled properly and don’t let the car idle unless you’re ready to go!

· Be safe – Make sure the driver pays attention to the road. Switch drivers often so everyone can enjoy looking at sites.

· Enjoy yourself and try not to worry about anything. Relax and have fun!

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