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Why we are shaving our heads for charity

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We consider ourselves lucky people here at Bondurant Auto Body. We are healthy, have wonderful families and overall have good lives. At the end of the day we all consider ourselves blessed.

When we were introduced to St. Baldrick's Foundation in 2015, we were enthralled. A few children in our community were battling cancer and we've all known or have heard of a child who was going through this horrible disease. How could we not take a look at this incredible program.

According to their website, St. Baldrick's exits to help fill the Federal funding gap. Governments and foundations fund more research for adult cancers than children. Their mission is to find cures for childhood cancers and to give survivors long and healthy lives.

Each year, a few of us at Bondurant Auto Body raise money for research and then shave our heads or beards to honor the children who are fighting or who have lost their lives to cancer. The event is fun filled yet teary eyed at times.

Please either join us at the event on April 6, 2019 from 5pm to 10pm at Reclaimed Rails Brewing in Bondurant, Iowa. Or you can donate to help us reach our goal of $1,000 at the following link:

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