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Use These Tips to Avoid Vehicle Damage In Your Garage

Updated: May 17, 2021

Garages really are wonderful. They provide safety from weather damage and potential auto theft. But your garage can also be a space for potential damage to your vehicle.

Even if the damage is minimal, it can be very disappointing. We understand your frustration! Here are some tips and tricks on keeping your vehicle safe to avoid the dreaded dings, dents, and damage.

Keep Your Space Tidy and Well Kept

Having a well-organized garage is key. The potential of avoiding door dings, scratches or dents on your vehicle lessens greatly when your garage space is free of item clutter. Find safe spaces out of your vehicle’s way for items such as lawn mowers, children’s toys, bikes, and tools.

Make Sure Your Garage Is Well Lit

No matter what time of day, keeping a well-lit garage is important. Particularly if your garage space is a tight squeeze! Being able to see just where your vehicle is will help prevent you from hitting the garage or objects you may not have known were there.

Avoid Children Playing in the Garage

We get it! The garage can be a very tempting play space for your children. But leaving them unsupervised during playtime can be dangerous for them and your vehicle. If you choose to allow children to play in the garage, be sure to park your vehicle outside.

Keep the Rodents Out!

In the winter especially, rodents are notorious for getting in your car’s engine chewing hoses or wires. You can try using weather strips at the bottom of your door. Also, make sure to keep any food out of the garage or in a sealed tight container. Seal off any cracks and openings to avoid these pesky rodents from getting into your garage.

Avoid Using Storage Space Above Your Vehicle

Using storage space directly above or to the side your vehicle can create the potential of damage. Avoid storing shelving, bikes and boxed storage in these spaces and you’ll greatly decrease the likelihood of these objects falling on your car while taking them down and putting them back. If possible, find a space out of your car’s way to put these items.

One Last Tip…

Be sure the garage door is fully opened before you enter or exit the garage. It sounds silly but this type of accident happens often.

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