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Common Reasons of Auto Paint Damage

Auto paint damage can occur for many reasons. Some are obvious, other less so. Five of the most common causes that should be avoided to ensure the upkeep of your car’s appearance include:

Changes in temperature are unfortunately not the best for paint longevity: As the paint on your vehicle expands and contracts as the temperature changes which will result in cracks and chips that, over time, allow water to enter causing rust and more serious damage to your car.

The Presence of Concrete: It is crucial that you do not park your vehicle close to a construction site as wet concrete can become lodged and set on its exterior. If this occurs it will leave a permanent mark when removed.

Bird Droppings: Is your car regularly parked near trees? If so, you need to be vigilant for bird droppings as the acidity contained within can erode the paintwork on your vehicle.

Soap and Other Abrasive Cleaning Products: Generic cleaning products such as soap or washing detergent can cause significant damage to the visual appearance of your car or motorbike. When washing your car use auto specific products only.

Stone Chippings: If you reside in a rural area, it is more likely that your vehicle will be exposed to road chippings during times of road repair. Be extra vigilant to drive slowly in these conditions and check your car for marks when safe to do so.

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